Conduct Market Research And Find Your Niche

Apart from deciding what kind of travel agency you wish to start, you also need to understand what type of company is required by the industry or your local community. This entails conducting thorough market research to find out which kind of travel agency is needed in the current market. Try to find a niche that you can fill in or an opening that provides destination honeymoon packages for young couples who are more interested in backpacking than relaxing on a beach. The luxury travel market is quite saturated, and you have to be innovative and come up with ideas like combining luxury and adventure or something equally creative.

You can also conduct some research on the most popular travel packages online to find out what most people are looking for and plan your strategy accordingly.

How To Brand Your Travel Agency And Dealing With The Legal Side

Once you have determined what the market requires and what particular niche you are targeting, it is essential to create a healthy brand image of your agency. The traveling business is very competitive, and you need to have a well-developed brand to be able to stand out from the crowd.  What do you want your clients to feel when they visit your website or view your advertisements or even use your services? The answers to these questions are imperative in determining your brand image. The response to these issues also tells the customers why they should use your services rather than booking the trip themselves

Dealing with the legal side

It is relatively easy to set up a travel agency as far as legalities are concerned. In most locations, you don’t require any certifications or licenses to start a travel agency. However, the specific licensing requirements are different in different states. In California, Washington, Hawaii, Iowa and Florida you will require a seller of travel license. Other than the general permits there are specific licenses that you may need. These may depend on whether you have plans on going public or secure formal investment and many others. It is a good idea to consult a legal advisor so that you don’t run into any difficulties in the future. For instance, if you want to seek investment from outside, then it is a good idea to start your business as a corporation.

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